fitness assessments

Fitness assessments can provide accurate and reliable information about your current level of physical fitness—and help to measure your improvement as you achieve your fitness goals. At Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center, our fitness assessments are designed to assess overall health rather than athletic ability.

New Members can take advantage of a complimentary initial fitness assessment by one of our certified personal trainers to measure current fitness level. We will discuss your personal fitness goals and identify the best resources for you to achieve them. Ongoing fitness assessments—which will aid in tracking your progress—are always available to existing Members for an additional fee.

Our basic fitness assessment includes the five following tests:

  • Cholesterol Screening — A finger prick tests a small amount of blood to determine your levels of HDL (good ) and LDL (bad) cholesterol. Too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other health problems.
  • Body Composition Test — A seven-site skin fold test is administered to estimate the percentage of your total body weight that is made up of fatty tissue. While many people express a desire to lose weight, lowering body fat composition is more often the most beneficial wellness goal.
  • Strength — A test of your hand strength and function provides an objective index of general upper body strength. Strong muscles allow ease of movement and prevent injuries.
  • Flexibility — We use a simple tool called a goniometer to measure the flexibility of your body and joints. In addition to being strong, muscles need to be able to move through a full range of motion to work effectively. 
  • Cardiovascular Endurance — A submaximal bike test is administered to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate changes during exercise. Your individual heart rate is recorded and then used to predict maximal aerobic capacity.

For more information about the complimentary initial fitness assessment that comes with your new membership or to schedule an assessment, please call the fitness desk at (847) 535-7625.


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