Lose to Win

Thank you to all the members and trainers for making this a successful program in 2017. As a club, the participants lost a total of 564.1 pounds. Congratulations to all the teams and participants and we hope to see you back in 2018!

Team Standings

  1. Team Nikki AM
  2. Team Jessica
  3. Team Nikki PM

Individual Weight Loss Percentages

Will Gourley 12.44%
Christine Miller 10.80%
Liz Reidel 9.54%
Mike Lawerence 9.54%
Marx Drath 8.14%
Nicole Nosko 7.69%

Team Training

Your Goals.
Group Energy.

APRIL 3 TO MAY 28, 2017

Try this eight-week, high-intensity team workout with the personal trainer of your choice! more >

Group Exercise Substitution Schedule

Substitution list for the week of
May 22, 2017 >

Exercise of the Month

TRX Chest Press >