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Meet Susie Krueger, Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s Member of the Month 

Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s Member of the MonthLindenhurst Health & Fitness Center's Member of the Month is Susie Krueger. The Lindenhurst staff unanimously feels she deserves the nomination because she has shown great commitment to staying healthy despite her physical limitations.

Susie is so dedicated that she has come to the club five days each week since she joined last May. Before she joined, she didn’t know how to use any machines—but you can now see her doing the Cybex circuit, the bike, rower and glute machines. Doing weights twice a week in combination with Zumba Gold, Tai Chi and Pilates has made her routine complete!

Susie manages her Parkinson’s disease by attending the Pedaling for Parkinson’s class. She says exercise has made a huge difference in her quality of life, even though the disease won’t go away. Working out slows her symptom progression and increases her strength. She says it helps her body and mind. Susie is known for saying: “Don’t stay home because you are afraid people will look at you funny. Everybody is dealing with something!”

Susie and her husband have a full, active life, which is made better by exercises that help them stay energetic and strong. They enjoy church and family activities, including watching their granddaughters two days per week. Other interests include antiquing and gardening. Susie also enjoys helping with NM's Parkinson’s Support Group, which meets monthly at the Lake Forest facility.

“I feel happy here,” Susie says of Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center. “The atmosphere is upbeat and the staff is welcoming, friendly, helpful and professional. It is personally satisfying to be able to keep up in class, add more weight to a machine, or put more mileage on a cycle. Feeling stronger is its own reward.”

Susie’s motivational advice to other members is:

“Don’t get in a rut! There is so much here to try out. Expand your workout—try different machines, equipment, a class, or the pool. Step out of your comfort zone. Helpful staff is never far away. Ask about that machine you’ve been wondering about. When I came here I didn’t know how to operate anything! I still have much more to learn. Make it a goal to try at least one new thing every month.”

Congratulations, Susie! You are a true inspiration to all of us here at the club.

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