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Meet Mike & Paula Petraitis, Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s Members of the Month 

Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s Member of the MonthLindenhurst Health & Fitness Center's Members of the Month are Mike and Paula Petraitis. The staff and members here feel that Mike and Paula are the most deserving candidates because because of their commitment to the club and staying active with the whole family! Great job, guys!


Mike and Paula joined on December 24, 2011 after their son, Adam, had participated in Group Swim Lessons for more than a year. They both missed working out on a regular basis and felt it was the time to start again.

Both Mike and Paula make an effort to work out multiple times per week despite changes in their careers. Paula finds that she misses the workout, the people, and the steam room when she is gone for more than a week.

"Life keeps changing but we are still committed to coming to the gym for our health and sanity whenever we can," Paula states.

The pool and the cardio machines were an initial draw for the Petraitises since they were familiar with them from previous gyms. Paula started enjoying the feeling of community at Lindenhurst and began attending more of the group exercises: Boot Camp ("an adult version of P.E class from high school, one that you want to go to!"), Body Pump, Body Combat, Spin and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Plus. Mike enjoys the quiet hours of the gym during his lunch break and can get in the pool or on the cardio machines without waiting. Their children, Adam and Casey, have been taking swim classes for many years. They also have participated in FitKids Club, Summer FitKids, ClubFit, and their famous painting parties.

"Our kids have learned that exercise is something fun and different types should be tried often."


What motivates you?

We both enjoy getting our heart rates up, getting sweaty and knowing that we’re making our bodies stronger for an hour... [This is] complemented with chatting with our friends, instructors, the Front Desk staff, Housekeeping, and taking a steam in the Steam Room.

Do you have any injuries, limitations or health concerns that you would like to share with members that would help encourage them?

Aging happens to everyone who is lucky, so we need to remember to try our best but be honest with ourselves and be okay with the results.

Do you have any exercise-related or personal accomplishments?

A couple of years back, I (Paula) was into running and decided to run the Big Ten 10K. Nikki B. gave some great tips and I finished it (on one of the hottest days of the year). It inspired Adam to run the 5K version with me the next year. He was 10 years old when we ran it together and finished it. Casey, at 6 years old, declared she would run a 5K at the age of 10 too, as did Mike. I am happy to have inspired my son to do something out of his comfort zone physically and I have added respect for the instructors to motivate us everyday to keep working out too. Casey is 8 now so we’ll start training next year.

Favorite quote:

As for quotes, our family lives more by the idea that we’ll all enjoy our annual Disney trip if we have the fitness and stamina to back it up with. For the early years, when our kids were young, it was up to Mike and I to push them everywhere and get the most out of being there, which meant a lot of speed walking and pushing 20-55 pounds with purpose. Now we are all able to run and catch that last bus to the resort.

Motivational words/advice:

Our advice for other members of the gym would be to not let yourself get caught up in the routine of your same workout, but try something new from time to time. We all have our favorite classes or workouts but it’s important to start to listen to what your own body needs. I loved working out hard and having that feeling of accomplishment, but then I was so tired by mid-afternoon, that it finally dawned on me that I, personally, needed to find more of a balance and work on areas of my body that didn’t respond as easily. I found that in the Vinyasa Flow Yoga Plus my balance and naturally tight ligaments are being challenged just as hard as in a Boot Camp class— you just have to go in with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Congratulations Petraitis Family,! You are a true inspiration to all of us here at the health club.




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