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Meet Alexis Cypcar-Reyes, Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s Member of the Month 

Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s Member of the MonthLindenhurst Health & Fitness Center's Member of the Month is Alexis Cypcar-Reyes. The Lindenhurst staff and members feel that Alexis is the most deserving candidate because of her determination, consistency and dedication to getting fit!

Alexis joined the fitness center in the spring of 2014; though she did not start avidly coming until February 2017. Ever since then she has been coming religiously at least 5 days a week.

She loves to spin but also mixes up her cardio with running, using the Arc Trainer (which she considers the best piece of equipment), and attempting to climb on the Stairmaster. She also strength trains and pushes her abs to the limit. Outside of the gym she loves spending time with her two German shepherds, shopping and cooking. She started eating clean in March 2017 and plans to never go back to processed foods.

She is at the gym five to six days a week. She recognizes that a rest day or two is beneficial and finds that it works best for her exercise regimen.

She gets her motivation from people watching and being inspired by someone working hard and putting in the time to look and feel better. And she always looks forward to seeing the fabulous people she;d met since she joined.

She believes that no matter the injury or health related issue someone might have, they just need to modify their workout and push through it. Even if it is just stretching and sit-ups, something is better than nothing. Her advice is to try something new, step out of your comfort zone and just go with it. Sometimes we get into habits and thinking outside of the box has opened her up to new exercises, great friends and a healthier body.

She is proud to have made a lifestyle change for the better. Since January she has lost 40 pounds and feels great. She has dropped from a size 14 to a 6 and is excited to buy clothes now! She has almost reached her goal weight and has approximately 10 more pounds to go. she looks forward to reaching her goal and creating new gym challenges to keep it off. She didn’t gain the weight overnight and doesn't expect an overnight miracle with it coming off. She would like to say thanks to those who have kept her going and pushed her through this transformation. It has been worth the hard work.

Just as Alexis draws inspiration from Ricky Bobby's goofy quote in Talladega Nights, "If you're not first, you're last!", all of us here at the health club draw inspiration from her. Congratulations Alexis!

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