Mind/Body Classes

Classes are appropriate for multiple fitness levels and held in the Multi-Purpose Room on the first floor, unless otherwise indicated.

May 15 to June 30, 2017

MONDAY 8:00–8:30a
Foam & Roll
Vinyasa Flow
Tai Chi*
Hatha Flow Yoga
Amy P.
TUESDAY 9:10–10:10a
Pilates Mat
Off the Mat
Jennifer K.
WEDNESDAY 9:30–10:45a
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Plus
Pilates Mat*
Prenatal Yoga $
Pilates Mat
Jennifer K.
THURSDAY 5:15–6:15a
Power Yoga
Meditation Yoga
Pilates Barre
Hatha Flow Yoga
Amy P.
Amy P.
FRIDAY 10:40–11:55a Hatha Flow Yoga Maryanna
SATURDAY 8:30–9:30a
Tai Chi
Pilates Mat
Sue W./Lory
SUNDAY 8:00–8:25a
Foam & Roll*
Power Yoga*
Amy P.
Amy P.

* Class is held in the Main Studio

Download the PDF version of our Group Exercise Classes schedule.


Foam & Roll — A myofascial release class to relieve muscle soreness and joint pain using a variety of tools, such as the foam roller, tennis ball and a tune-up ball. Foam rollers and tune-up balls are available for purchase in the Pro Shop.

Hatha Flow Yoga — This class combines breath work (pranayama) with a variety of physical postures (asanas) and deep relaxation (savasana). Asanas are held for a number of breaths to allow students the opportunity to open and release into the pose. This class is perfect for the practitioner who prefers slow, steady and specific instructions through each pose. All levels are welcome, and variations will be offered so more advanced students can move deeper into the asanas.

Meditation Yoga — On the mat, it’s not about being more or being better—but rather about just being. In this class, you will focus on breathing practices, run through a series of hatha yoga stretching and strengthening movements and practice meditation techniques. Learn how to quiet your mind, relax and embrace silence to take your yoga practice to higher levels.

Off the Mat — A blend of Barre exercises, standing pilates and stretches utilizing small props to tighten and strengthen the core.

Pilates (Mat-Based) — Train your abdominal and back muscles, improve your posture, align your spine and build strength in your stomach muscles in this mat-based exercise. All levels welcome.

Pilates Barre — Using light weights, you will go through a series of exercises to tone the arms and lower body followed by mat-based Pilates to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

Power Yoga — A powerful blend of yoga poses designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance for both mind and body. Movement patterns are connected with the breath to release and challenge the body. Prior yoga experience is encouraged.

Prenatal Yoga — This multi-level Pilates Mat class explores a multitude of exercises to help strengthen your core and improve muscle endurance. Emphasis is placed on improving stability and support in all area muscle groups. Appropriate modifications will be made for our pre and postnatal students. Learn more about our Pre & Postnatal classes.

Tai Chi — Tai chi is a Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of mind/body relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga — Experience the flow of vinyasa (movement united by breath) as you are guided through creative blends of various yoga poses in a rhythmic energy flow.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Plus — Traditional vinyasa flow with a kick! Take your yoga practice to the next level, learning how create more engagement and strength in your body while fluidly linking your breath and movement.

Yo-Pi Sculpt — Intensify your mind/body experience by adding one- to three-pound weights to your workout. You will sculpt and stretch your body with the fusion of yoga, Pilates-core and toning exercises.


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