Monthly Membership Promotion



Join Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center in February for only $50 enrollment fee*. Visit the club 12 times over a 30 day period and receive a $25 club credit* back to your house account!

Enjoy a complimentary fitness assessment or equipment orientation to help you jumpstart your fitness routine.

For more information, please contact our Membership Department at (847) 535-7610.

*Monthly membership fee is due when you enroll, and some restrictions may apply. Club credit is non-transferrable. Limited time offer!

Benefits of Membership

In addition to the many benefits of membership with your enrollment, you will also receive:

  • Complimentary Fitness Assessment — Work with our fitness specialists to determine your workout goals, whether it is flexibility, aerobic ability, strength or weight loss. Your complimentary fitness assessment is designed to assess overall health and includes:
    • Cholesterol screening
    • Body composition test
    • Strength and flexibility measurement
    • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Equipment Instruction — Incorporating a variety of exercise equipment into your fitness routine increases your strength, endurance and functionality. Our fitness specialists provide instruction on the proper use of our three categories of equipment: resistance, aerobic and functional machines.

Become a member today! Call a membership advisor at (847) 535-7610 or contact us for more details.

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