Pilates Equipment Training

Take advantage of Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center's specialized Pilates Equipment Training classes, equipment and highly trained instructors. View our schedule of Pilates Group Equipment Classes.

The principle of Pilates is to develop the body and mind uniformly by combining muscle stabilization and concentration with slow, controlled movements. The method is centered on the concepts of balance, breath, centered concentration, control, movement flow and precision.

Pilates is beneficial for everyone—whether you are an athlete, an older adult looking to maintain mobility or recovering from an injury. The benefits of Pilates include:

  • Deep breathing, which increases lung capacity and circulation
  • Increased strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles
  • Improved posture, balance and core strength
  • Improved bone density and joint health


Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine that utilizes springs, leverage and body weight as resistance to target specific muscle groups. Controlled, flowing movements work your muscles through a full range of motion. Participants see changes in muscular and core strength, as well as increased endurance, flexibility and reduction in body fat.

Try our new Pilates Group Equipment Classes to help with strengthening and stretching. Classes are available exclusively by appointment and will include one to three students.

For more details about Pilates Equipment Training, the Pilates Reformer, rates or to schedule a session, please contact Kristina Simone, Fitness Operations Manager, at (847) 535-7038 or kwrezel@nm.org.

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